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Monday, January 14, 2013

LST-325 Memorial underway

 LST-325 Memorial underway in New Orleans heading for Port Arthur, Texas and dry dock work

LST-325 sailed into Mobile Bay on January 10, 2001 to the cheers of crowds that had gathered to welcome them home.
This wasn’t the usual arrival; the ship had been purchased in Greece and was brought back to the states by a crew of men who had originally served on LST’s, many in their 70’s and 80’s at the time of the trip home from Greece.
The ship sat in dry dock at Hooks Landing in Chickasaqbogue Creek off the Mobile River before setting off for its home port of Evansville, Ind.
I was lucky enough to have climbed aboard while it was in dry dock and saw what sort of work would be necessary for this floating Memorial to be refurbished and brought back to its fighting glory.
When I was aboard, the paint was thick and peeling and the decks needed work. In some places the deck would need replacement.
LST-325 is again on the move, as of Saturday the ship had made New Orleans and passed by the m/v Christy. My brother Captain Charles Galer of the Christy sent photographs of the World War II vessel as it passed by his tow boat.
 The LST is on its way to Port Arthur, Texas for some maintenance work and will be dry docked. The ship will return to home port Evansville, Indiana near the end of February to begin the visiting season.
This floating memorial is funded and staffed by volunteers. Donations and more information about the ship can be found at

LST-325 Memorial on the way to Port Arthur, Texas for maintenance work as seen from the pilot house of m/v Christy

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