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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kirtland Kiwanis honor Vietnam Veterans at dinner

Kirtland Kiwanis honored Vietnam Veterans with dinner at the Kirtlander Party Center, January 24, 2013.
Speakers for the evening were Dennis Brand, USMC and Frank Tomaselli, Technical Sergeant, USAF, MP (ret.)
The two men announced that they were forming a new Veteran’s group at the Kirtland Senior Center that would be meeting at Noon on Wednesday, Feb. 27. The group is open to all veterans, widows, widowers and patriotic Americans.
Tomaselli who spent two tours of duty in Vietnam, 65-66 and 67-68, gave a brief history of the war and an idea of what it was like to be “in country”
Vietnam was guerilla warfare on a grand scale. Once the tour of duty was over and the soldiers came home, most did not experience a happy homecoming. While trying to deal with the effects of PTSD and Agent Orange they were met with protesters.
A moment of silence was observed for Kirtland residents who were killed in Vietnam: Daniel Zegarac, Ronald Bohannon and Jack Logan, Jr.
Kirtland Vietnam veterans were recognized: David Grinstead, Walt Harrison, David Pastor, Alan Thornton, Don Webbe and Fran Raishart.
Kiwanis veterans who served during the Vietnam era were recognized: Wayne Baumgart, Chuck Bickart, Rich Blum, John Bodmer, Jim Emch, Steve Romelfanger, Richard Steudel, Tony Zalar and Bill Parsons.
Other Kiwanis veterans were also recognized  Bob Eversole, Jim Naughton, Lew Schupp, and Don White.
The veterans received certificates of appreciation and Viet Nam hats. 
Back Row: David Grinstead, Alan Thornton, David Pastor
Front Row: Don Webbe, Walt Harrison, Frank Raishart

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